about me.

This is me, my hubby-Tristan, and our daughter-Penelope! 

Welcomed to Curly Haired Chronicles! I'm Heather, Curly Haired Chronicles author and  creator, still learning to accept her curly haired fate in life. 
This blog has evolved more than a few times since I started it in 2012. At that time I was a college student who loved design and style and was looking for a creative outlet/something to do to avoid homework. Then in 2013 I graduated and entered the full time job world, I still wanted a creative outlet, and thought this blog would be a great place to talk about my wedding planning thoughts, and it was! 

Now in 2016 I find myself in another place of redefining. I haven't blogged in a few years but found that I miss writing, thinking and writing about what I see, what I read, the world around us. I also no longer follow most of the style blogs I used to read everyday, because I just couldn't quite reconcile how Valentino Rock Stud pumps fit into my very normal, living in Iowa, life. But also I found that I was more willing to admit that I struggle with materialism and shopping. I was just drowning in stuff. Truly, stuff everywhere. Clothing I could never possibly wear all of, knick knacks a plenty, throw pillows galore, cute little notebooks and pens in every purse. While I am not 100% reformed, and I still get cravings for more baskets, I am genuinely trying. Trying to refocus on my life, my family, my friends and in living, not just in buying. Everyday it is a challenge, but a worthwhile one. 

So to refocus now on the blog. I do not want this blog to be a place that celebrates materialism and the lifestyle that stems from it. I want this blog to inspire thought, love, happiness, creativity. I hope to guide you through some of my experiences and personal revelations as a new mom, a non-profit professional, and as someone who still desires a creative outlet. I may blog about life, thoughts, books, music, politics, feminism, learning to accept the curly hair I was born with, and sometimes still--pretty things. 

If you have something you think I might be interested in seeing/reading/blogging about,  Email Me! 
Thanks for stopping by Curly Haired Chronicles!