Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Jessica Alba Inspired.

What's that you say? How could Jessica Alba possibly inspire wedding things? 
Well, there are so many ways! 
I'm willing to admit that I think I have a definite girl crush on Jessica Alba but its only because of her fabulous hair, perfect style and all the super solid causes she works for. 
But, back to the wedding. Wedding wise I find two of my bff Jessica's looks super inspiring,
The first is her look from the 2012 Golden Globes, specifically her hair. It is the perfect mix of natural and loose while still being put together. 
The second look that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is her Golden Globes look from this year! 
That's right that stunning peach, super glam perfection.
I'm in love with the shape of her dress and the way it's styled. Wedding wise, I'm loving the statement necklace but also the timelessness of the sparkle. Is that a thing? Timeless sparkle. I'm saying yes. And I'm also pretty serious about at least  exploring less expensive options for a possible wedding accessory.