Tuesday, February 26, 2013

(Almost) Wedding Wednesday.

Wedding things. Wedding things. I can't decide if it's too early for me to start buying random things for the wedding when I stumble upon a sale or something that might be cool. Like either it will end up being perfect and I'm super thrifty or it doesn't work at all and I end up with a collection of strange gold things that have no purpose or seven of something that didn't end up working. This is what I think about when I should be doing my homework or applying for jobs. shoot. 
Anywho the question of colors remains! Just as soon as I think I am in love with this emerald concept I stumble upon these dresses from David's Bridal (of all places) that fit almost perfectly with my initial vision for the bridesmaids and the wedding. 
Pale pink, flattering and totally wearable. LINK.
Gold/Champagne or black and again very wearable. LINK.

But! It's still great because both of these dresses fit into the black, cream, gold color scheme super well. I think that really the next step is getting all seven bridesmaids (clear your schedules people!) and going to try things on! Woot. 
On to the other fun wedding things! Check out all the gold, glittery DIY fun I found!
Let's just add glitter to all the things!
You can find the DIY instructions for this glitzy star at Style Me Pretty
And last but not least, the topic of confetti. 
For quite some time now I've been wondering if confetti was a wedding appropriate decoration.
This picture tells me yes. 
Now imagine a classy ballroom with round tables in black tablecloths with gold confetti at he center. What fun! you say, what classy, shiny fun! Agreed, my friend, agreed.