Friday, December 13, 2013

Bag of the Week: Coach Factory Satchel

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope your weekends are filled with fun and holiday cheer!
I would like to start off today's post by first acknowledging a few things. 1). some may say I have too many purses, or that I have a purse addiction. I prefer to call it a collection of fine things. 2). it may be true that I have an addition to factory outlet stores and their sales--I fully acknowledge that such stores can often be hit or miss but when there's a hit and it's on sale, it's SUCH a good deal! 3). I know I don't neeeeeed a new purse. Now, with that out of the way I present to you this week's Bag of the Week: the Coach Factory, Peyton Leather Cora Domed Satchel. The shape/style/class/versatility of this bag make it stand out from all the other factory bags, and put it in the realm of a much more expensive tote. I've been eyeing it for weeks with every Coach Factory sale but with these new colors I don't know if I can say no to it anymore!
I find that I've been oddly attracted to the color brown lately. I say oddly because I'm usually a classic black or navy kind of girl but recently I've really been loving rich deep brown tones. I searched high and low to find a cozy brown infinity scarf or snood for winter and now this beauteous leather brown satchel is calling to me. 
But it's not just the brown! No, all the colors! I'm not even joking. I've seen bloggers and stylists using bright magenta bags like this for pops of color in outfits everywhere. And this satchel in red would be a classic for years to come. Not to mention that beautiful jade hue or classic black. I actually want all of them. 

And here is some more detail on the bag. The cross-body strap and roomy interior make this satchel totally practical,while the trimmings and that tan tag make it look super luxe. 
So, maybe don't be surprised if you see me toting this lovely tote around town sometime soon.
(a girl can dream, right?)
Happy Weekend, thanks for reading!