Friday, May 3, 2013

Shoe of the Week: Sparkle Sandals!

To continue with the trend of ignoring the actual weather outside and pretending it is still Sunny with a High of 75, this week's shoe of the week is the Sparkly Sandal!!!
I am so excited about this (Sparkles, duh!) that I couldn't pick just one shoe, I picked three!
Naturally we will start with the most luxurious, expensive sandal and progress towards the least expensive and most practical. 

I am not even exaggerating when I say that this is the glitter sandal of my dreams. Not to mention all the other glittery sandals J Crew has this season (Sparkles, whoa!). 

Next up is Anthropologie's Banded Mercury Toeloop Slides. I'm actively willing these to go on sale, I feel like even just a 20-30% off sale would make them in the affordable, sandal investment range. They are so fun with the sparkly fringe but still neural enough to pair with patterns and prints. 

And never to be ignored in a list of shoes, Target is up to bat with the Xhilaration Lavada Slide Sandal! These are the perfect combination of neutral and sparkle and for less than $20 you can bet that these will be on my feet this summer! 
Thanks for reading everyone,
And have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!