Friday, October 18, 2013

Bag of the Week! Fossil Memoir Novella

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been a long one, hasn't it? And there just seems to be no rest for the weary with this wedding coming up--though we officially booked our honeymoon this week (!!!) so there is rest in sight.Today I am so excited to bring you a new/modified feature! I've been doing my Shoe of the Week posts for a long time, and my love for great purses and bags is just as everlasting as my love for shoes so I thought it would be fun to mix things up with a Bag of the Week post every now and then. 

For this first Bag of the Week post I introduce to you the most perfect little cross-body bag you ever did see: the Fossil Memoir Novella! You all know that I have been wanting the perfect little cheetah print cross body bag since this Tumblr Tuesday post a few months ago. Well, my desire has not waned, and from the first moment I saw this Fossil beauty, and learned that it came in the perfect calf hair cheetah print, I willed it to be mine! And alas, it's on sale now. I am not sure that I have enough will power to resist it. 

isn't she a beauty? (sigh)
And if cheetah print just isn't your thing, the Memoir Novella also comes in a variety of really really great colors for fall, there's a perfect cobalt, a light sage, this season's it color:--cranberry, and a vibrant orange that is surprisingly must-have, as well as your classic black and camel. 

Have a good weekend everyone, and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Glitter Blast

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Like, I said earlier this week, my fiance and I are realizing that the wedding is actually scary close. Not scary because we don't want to get married but scary because we have so many things left to do! We just got our invitations in the mail this week, and we are finalizing our meeting schedules with our pastor and wedding coordinator at our venue but the list just keeps growing! This past weekend my friend/bridesmaid/awesome, Katherine came and helped me DIY some hand-me-down jars that we are going to use for candles as part of our center pieces. Now if you've ever watched David Tutera or even Four Weddings you might be aware that DIY weddings do not always go well and not everyone likes them. Regardless I was up for the challenge. Since our wedding has a gold/cream/evergreen color scheme I wanted to add a little new year's sparkle to our decor. I found a lot of really good DIY inspiration on pinterest, and was hoping to create something that looked like these pictures:

I wasn't sure when I started the process if it would be better to use a spray adhesive or to use an all in one glitter spray so I tested out both options. I was a little surprised that I really liked the outcome of the Glitter Blast spray.Disclaimer: there is no way to do this project without getting glitter all over yourself, your furniture and your dog, even when you go outside. 

We taped off the top part of the jars so that we could spray evenly and come out with a clean, straight line. 

Then we sprayed the jars with two coats of Glitter Blast so that the glitter part of the jar would be more opaque, though if you wanted a lighter glitter coating with just one coat I think that Glitter Blast would also work. 

And here is the (upside-down) finished product! I am really happy with how they turned out, I'm not sure that anyone could really see my vision for the jars before we started (ahhhmm) but I think the finished product will work perfectly to help build the kind of reception environment we are going for. 

We only ended up having about 30 of the jars total and I was hoping to have about two to three clustered at each table so I may go on a hunt for another type of jar to DIY and add to the mix. 
Check back next week for another wedding post, we are in full get-ready-wedding mode here now!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Fashion: Winter White pt. II

White jeans were a huge huge trend this past spring and summer, and it's not hard to understand why--they seem to make almost any look feel sharper and more put together. While some old school rules might dictate that we all put our classic white away for the winter I agree with Jessica of What I Wore- you just need to switch up your shades and textures a little bit and you can take the crispness of a winter white pant into fall and winter. 
What I Wore

When I saw this winter white cord look of Jessica's I knew I had to get some winter white cords for myself. I scooped up a pair of cords--my favorite LOFT skinnies (only my favorite pants ever, they come in talls!) during their flash sale last week and I can't wait to try them out. Instead of pairing your winter white with brights like you would in the summer, try a neutral or jewel toned palette instead. Throw on some cool earrings and a classic jacket and you're set. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Fashion: Winter White pt.I

Hi again everyone! Things have been crazy around here lately with less than three months until the wedding! But even a midst the chaos I've been seeing a lot of really great fall looks out and about the blog-o-sphere and there are a few ideas I really wanted to share with you! I love this look by Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook where she pairs her ivory trench with all fall neutrals. Mixing neutral tones is big for fall and a great way to transition lighter hues into the cooler months. 
Wendy's Lookbook
 I recently found an ivory faux leather jacket at and I knew I had to scoop it up while I could-I've been waiting something more in the leather trend for a while and I love that with an ivory leather jacket I can make unexpected but still classic looks like the one below. Check it out! Would you do a lighter colored leather jacket for fall? 

Winter White with Leather

PS-I am more than a little obsessed with cheetah print accessories this fall and this cheetah print bag is perrrrfect!