Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: finishing the bridal look pt 1.

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!
The wedding is (as of Monday) less than two months away (eek!)! and while the mister and I are definitely excited and ready to be married, we are really getting down to the wire with making our last minute wedding decisions and finishing touches. And while I picked out my dress almost a year ago (my last fitting is coming up and the end of the month!), there are still quite a few bridal look details that need to be finalized! 
Let's start with hair. Bridal hair. There are so many beautiful and fantastic looks out there but I found myself really question how I would feel prettiest and what would work best with my type of hair (curly) and my current length (short/bob). I'm not really one who wants to grow my hair out just so I can have an updo, and I also wasn't really sure that I would feel my prettiest with my hair up. I started thinking about looks that would be full of volume and work with my shorter do, I fell in LOVE with January Jones hair at the Academy Awards, and once I started looking I realized that the woman has FANTASTIC hair. Really. I am leaning toward doing either a big voluminous curl or doing a more relaxed curl, but really I love both options. 
What do you guys think? Would you go with the more relaxed curl? or more volume?

Next up after hair is the headpiece. I say headpiece because I don't really want to wear a veil. Not that they can't be beautiful, but let's just say that my independent streak doesn't seem to go with the gentleness of veils (I'm also not a huge fan of the fairly patriarchal history behind the veil...). That being said I do think having some kind of headpiece really completes a bridal look. I find myself being drawn to more quirky birdcage veils, facinators or even just little poofs.  I love love love what the bride below has done with her headpiece--the contrast of the black and white, the slight birdcage, the headband, even her hairstyle LOVE IT.
I also love the slight polka dot detailing on this blusher number below.
What do you think about taking more of a risky, nontraditional route with such a bridal staple?

And last but not least on the bridal-look to do list is: Jewelry. 
This one is a lot harder than I though it would be, I have to admit. 
There is just SO much out there that could work for bridal these days--such a wide range of quality, style and personality. I had planned on wearing a statement necklace of older pearls with my dress but when we tried them out at my first fitting it just didn't really work. It wasn't a bad look, but my dress just needed something bolder. Since then I've been scouring every department store jewelry case and Bauble Bar new arrival, looking for something that I loved--but nothing really spoke to me. I wanted something that made a statement but that also didn't compete with my ring (the real jewelry star of the day), I also wanted something that was really me--not just something bridal. When I first saw this Anthropologie necklace online I literally gasped, aloud, in my cubical. Is it traditionally bridal? Not so much. Could it really work? YES. Yes, I think it might. Needless to say, I ordered it. I'm really excited to see it with my dress at my next fitting. (and if it doesn't work, then back to the drawing board!). What do you guys think? Would you go bold with your bridal look?
Benefactress Bib Necklace at Anthro
In an effort to keep this blog post from being years long I've split it into two parts! Be sure to check back next Wedding Wednesday to see my ideas about a winter bride's warmer accessories--coats, sweaters, capes and fur! Be sure to check out my Wedding Pretties Pinterest board for more of my likes and ideas! 
Thanks for reading!