Friday, January 20, 2017

One day at a time

Hey Y'all.

I have to tell you that current events have me struggling.
I find myself here again because I am not sure where else to go. Everyday life continues and it must.
But I find myself avoiding the news, podcasts, papers, magzines--things I used to love.
Because our current politcal climate makes me furious and heartbroken and I just cannot make it through each day hearing about the legislation proposed, cuts being made, nominees being confirmed, groups of people being threatened and harassed... as if it is all normal, as if it is all okay.
This, all of this is not ok.
And I am heartbroken.
But I can't lead everyday furious and heartbroken. Perhaps some of you can. Perhaps some of you can turn that fury and heartbreak into motivation and productive action. But I just can't.
I need to be whole and and complete each day, for my family, and honestly for myself. My mental health cannot handle a constant stream of fury and heartbreak.

And what hurts me even more now is that I love my daughter so much, so completely. And now, not only do I have to teach her to be strong and courageous and loving, but I must find a way to show her how to love others in a country that tells her to only look out for herself.
How do we teach our children to love others, to do unto others, to treat everyone with respect, when our leaders are openly biogted, and clearly care nothing for anyone other than themselves?

How can I teach grace and courage and hope when they are so hard to find in public life?

I am at a loss, and taking things one day at a time.