Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday.

You guys, wedding planning is hard.
But really, just because I have Pinterest boards and blogged about weddings before I was engaged does not mean I have this all figured out. I mean there is a big, BIG difference between thinking something is pretty, or a cool idea and then actually having to make those decisions yourself, and spend your own money on those decisions.
Like whoa. such a financial commitment.
Anyways, all this money talk aside, here are some of my favorite wedding thoughts lately!

Ok, okay I know I blogged this picture yesterday (whoops!) but I just really love it.
I want someone to try this hairstyle on me so I know if I would even be able to pull it off.
I think it would be fun and classic and it seems like one of those hairstyles that look better throughout the day, and wouldn't get droopy. LOVE it. 
Emerald Green. I'm pretty sure it's what's happening. 
Like I said, it's what's happening.
Just picture this: a color scheme of black, gold and ivory with emerald green  bridesmaid's dresses and a few other accents. Perfect understated glam. Perfect. 
Speaking of color schemes, I love the berries in this bouquet.
Replace that wrap with a gold sparkly one and I'm sold.