Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beauty Beat: December New Favorites.

Hello Friends! Nice to see your face around here again. 
Ever since I decided to do my own makeup for my wedding last winter, I've been on a huge beauty kick, testing out new products and finding new favorites (along with subscribing to Julep, Birchbox, and becoming a Sephora VIB Rouge member). Also in that time, I've realized that I've missed writing, so why not combine those two things and make a new blog feature?! Here with my first ever Beauty Beat post, are some of my recent new favorites, all of which I highly recommend trying out for yourself! (bonus, did you know that you can sample ANYTHING for free at Sephora? you can!) Keep reading for more of the details.
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Let's start with the face. I've never had perfect skin ever ever ever. I was hoping that as a grew older my skin would improve, but it just hasn't. I tried all kinds of new washes and masks, and read all kinds of articles about what you should and shouldn't do and how often you need to exfoliate and such and so on. Here's the deal, no one has the same skin, so if something isn't working for you go back to what you know. What I (re) learned was that I am just always going to need some kind medicated face wash and toner. Clinique's whole skin care system has been working beautifully for me so far. I am trying out the Dark Spot Corrector next to see if  I can work on some scars. Also moisturizing is important, don't forget! 

Next up, makeup! Along with a wide variety of face cleansers, I've tried dozens of tinted moisturizers, bb creams, cc creams, liquid and powder foundations. I'm picky, I don't like feeling the makeup on my skin, I don't like it when makeup cakes on and clumps up, and I don't like looking orange. I recently tried this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (that the internet raves about) and powder foundation combo and LOVE it. And the NARS concealer blends better than anything I've tried. For blush, I love the idea of trying new fun colors but in reality I tend to do more every day looks than glamorous ones, and this NARS Orgasm blush that you've heard all the blogger hype about is perfect. 

Now for the eyes. I feel like eyes are wear most people are most comfortable experimenting, lips are intimidating at first and eyes are one of the first makeup things you try as an awkward sixth grader. I know everyone raves and raves about the Urban Decay Naked palettes and I get it, I love them too. But this Julep palette might actually be my favorite! It's like it has all the colors you actually need from the three Naked palettes and puts them all into one. I also like the that there are more matte colors, not all sparkle. And these Smashbox eyeliners are great! You don't ever have to sharpen them, they stay put all day, and come in all kinds of fun but wearable colors. And last but not least, mascara. I used to be a one size fits all kind of mascara girl, not believing that there was really any difference between kinds. I was so wrong. I recently got a sample of this Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye mascara, and love it. It makes your lashes full and dark without clumping or making them heavy. I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this one soon. 

Hair oh hair. It seems to be the key to every woman's sense of beauty and style. I was convinced for the longest time (still kind of am..) that to be the 'effortless beauty" you had to have naturally straight hair, because let's be honest--nothing about naturally curly hair is effortless. Speaking of effortless beauty, Living Proof is Jennifer Aniston's company. I was cautious at best when I first heard of this, thinking 'I will never look like Jennifer Aniston, no matter how much of this stuff I use.' Which is still true, but I decided to give their Living Texture Mist a try and you guys, it's amazing. The perfect product to help give you those effortless waves everyone is sporting. I also recently tried and loved this Instant Texture Volumizer, perfect for getting those perfectly imperfect ends, I highly recommend. 

And last but not least, who doesn't love trying out new scents? And in the winter everyone needs a little extra moisture. I love almost all of Tocca's scents, and these are the perfect way to try out several of them in a perfectly purse sized tube. This would be a great gift for that hard to shop for friend too!

What tried and true products are your favorites? Do you love to try something new, or stick to what you know? 
My next Beauty Beat is going to be on some of my favorite new lip products to help you get a great everyday look or that trendy berry lip.