Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday everyone! And happy last Friday until Christmas (or possibly an early Christmas, if you have four Christmases like me). Since it's (holiday) shopping season, and since it's been a while since my last Friday Favs post, I have a whole slew of fun for you today, so let's get started. 

#1. Mint and Teal (in) kitchens. This is really just a dream right now since I live in an apartment and have a mountain of debt, but I just LOVE these kitchens. I still have a strong love for the classic white kitchen, but I just can't resist these pops of mint and teal. Bonus, it would go perfectly with my red, turquoise, and lapis blue Fiesta ware collection. 

images via

#2. Engineer Boots. I've wanted some mid-height, more casual boots for quite some time, and was prompted to look more intentionally partially by this post from Sequins & Stripes and partially by some long overdue merchandise cards that were burning a hole in my wallet. While I love the idea of Frye boots and understand the concept of investment pieces, I wasn't really sure that this was an investment I wanted to make. Luckily I found the much less expensive and on sale version from Younkers/Bonton below, and they came in the lighter tan I was looking for. So far I LOVE them, they make me feel so cool and effortlessly stylish.  

Relativty Boots | Frye Boots

#3. Caribou Coffee Cold Press. This is the best cold press coffee I've ever had, hands down. I don't know what makes it so good, but it is soo good. Good enough that I order it when it is 20 degrees with a negative wind chill outside. It's not at all bitter, or too sweet, just has a great coffee taste. Plus my Minnesotan born self loves to support such an excellent Minnesotan company. 
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#4. Frannish Blog. I've had my ups and downs with fashion and style blogs as you know, but I really love Franishh.She's currently a medical student so she's not wearing outrageous things like Valentino pumps to the playground, and she purchases a lot of her clothing herself, so you know that what she's wearing is reasonable. Her style is just clean and classic, without being distracted by this trend or that. This is  one style blog I highly recommend if you are looking for inspiration for your every day style. 

Franishh Blog
 #5. Yellow Flats. You might think I'm out of season here, but I love yellow so I vote no. I love my GAP leather flats and have been looking for some new classic colored options (red, yellow) for a while but GAP doesn't have a ton of options in stock anymore. Then as if by some kind of divine intervention I stumble upon these real leather flats on sale from Land's End. I know you might think that my love for Land's End makes me old, but I say, haters gonna hate, and these flats are perfect. 

Land's End
 #6. Banana Republic's Sloan Leggings. Normally I avoid all Banana Republic stores like the plague because I love everything in the store and I feel like everything in the store is way out of my budget. But I am so glad I wandered into a store during a holiday sale and tried on these legging pants. I am also not normally someone who wears leggings as pants, but these are real pants! They just have a closer more classic fit, and look professional enough to wear to the office. Bonus-they don't collect lint and dog hair like a vacuum. Wins all around. I love these pants so much I got them in black and navy. 
Banana Republic
 #7. This Talbots Sweater. To add to my old lady status, I sometimes shop at Talbots. Throughout the fall I swear I saw every blogger and her sister wearing this sweater, and I loved it. So after three months of sweater stocking, I picked up two of this beauty on on Cyber Monday. (I'm wearing the gold one as we speak). It is so warm and the perfect comfortable length (I'm not at all into this cropped sweater trend nonsense). And the knit pattern kind of reminds me of a teal sweater my mom wore in the early 90's that I kind of actually love. 

#8. Last but not least, Marsala! As my dear friend (I wish), T Swift sang-haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate. But I freaking love this color. So much more approachable and usable than Radiant Orchid, and so much more commonplace than I think people realize, I mean vampy lips, wine, the booties I bought from Old Navy this fall, this color is truly everywhere. If you need some more convincing, head to pinterest to see more. 
all images via my Marsala Pinterest Board

That's all for today folks, happy weekend!