Friday, August 11, 2017

Classic Mom Style- Styling a Classic Shift Dress for Fall

I have been post-baby, post-pregnancy long enough now that I feel comfortable doing a full closet clean-out, and boy did I need to do one. I have several classic, solid-colored, shift dresses that I purchased during my first job out-of-college. They are quality dresses that fit well and can be worn to work, a wedding, a funeral and everything in between. But I found myself not wearing them because my current office environment is a little more casual, a little less business. I decided  that if I am going to keep items like this in my closet, I need to wear them. Here is a great and easy way to make a classic shift dress more casual and less business, using things you probably already have in your wardrobe. 
Jean jacket + Booties = Perfect for Fall. 

Classic Mom Style- Black Shift Dress