Friday, December 21, 2012

Gorgeous Gown Ponderings.

Maybe it's just my inner self wanting to be a Princess, but I've really been loving the look of long sleeved wedding dresses lately, especially for a winter fete. I mean how much classier can you get then channeling the Duchess and Grace? 
Hello Kate. Perfection. 

Grace Kelly, classic glamour and beauty. 

Now I haven't even almost made up my mind about what kind of gown I'll be wearing on my wedding day but every time I see one of these long sleeved gowns and find myself falling for them. 
beautiful back. 

a little more fitted.

a little more lace. 

a little more princess. 

and a little more 60's era vintage.
See what I'm saying? I just feel like these dresses are calling to me. and the sheer sleeves are so on trend that it seems like you can find them with just about any style/shape dress. 
Love them all. Love. Love. Love.