Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Wishlist.

Now that it's officially winter and and the season of post-Christmas sales has officially begun, I thought I would share with you some of my favorites for this chilly yet delightful season. I've seen some of these style items across the blog-o-sphere already and I'm hoping to get my hands on a few of them myself! 

1. Faux Fur Vest. I know I've been talking/blogging/pinning these since at least Thanksgiving but consider me still obsessed. 
2. Turtlenecks. Sweaters and T Shirts. I can almost hear all of you saying what?!? I thought those were just for old people with cold necks. Well I think they're super stylish and chic and maybe my neck is cold too...
3. Butter London Nail Polish. I got a few Butter colors before Thanksgiving and I love love love them. The colors are perfect and the polish is so easy to use and dries super quickly. Plus no toxins. 
4. Big Knit Red Scarf. I don't know what it is about the deeper red color but it just screams 'wear me with all of your stripes!!!' to me. So I plan on doing just that.
5. Mid-Length Boots. Any Color. Any Purpose. I love these plaid snow boots from Target, I love these studded black biker boots, and I love these two neutral options too. This is the new height in boot, I'm telling you.
6. Tulle Skirt. in a divine, feminine, light color. Wearing this in the spring seems obvious, but in the Winter months pair it with tights, booties, a sweater and a statement necklace and you are glam and ready to go. 
7. Oh My Chic Sweatshirts. So this is definitely on my DIY To Do List. Fun Fun Fun!

Winter Wishlist.
Sweat shirt / J.Crew knit sweater / Sweat shirt / J.Crew knit sweater / J.Crew striped t shirt / Fake fur vest / Damir Doma leather waistcoat, $800 / Fever skirt, $52 / Chinese Laundry biker boots, $140 / Mango leather boots, $97 / Mango suede ankle booties / Kitten heels / Hand knitted scarve / Coach infinity scarve / Butter London nail polish / Butter London nail polish / Butter London nail polish, $17

Happy Winter Following Friends!