Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY: Bleaching and Dying, Pt. 1

I'm all about crafting and Do It Yourself Projects, I think they are a great way to use what you have to be creative and express yourself, so this summer I have a long list of DIY to do's. The first was to DIY Dye a bunch of my clothing that I no longer wear for various reasons. I purchased this tunic shirt on clearance from Old Navy a few summers ago because I liked it's lightweight linen material and comfortable shape. But I haven't worn it as much as I anticipated because of its bright yellow color. So I decided to dye it a more flattering green.

The Before: Neon Yellow.

The Bleaching Stage.

The bleaching stage of this project was a learning process for me. I was surprised by the different ways that the fabrics would react to the bleach, some would turn a different color, and others wouldn't react to the bleach at all. 

The Dying Stage.

The After: Beautifully Green. 
Stay Tuned! I still have 6 or 7 other articles of clothing that I am planning on dying or transforming throughout the summer.