Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY: Bleaching and Dying, Pt. 2 Ombre.

Hello Again! Welcome to Part 2 of my DIY Bleaching and Dying experiment. 
Like I said in Part 1, this was a serious learning process for me. Even though it might seem logical now, the fact that not everything turns white when you bleach it was a big surprise to me.This dark gray knit dress transformed to a heathered, salmon color, and even though it was not the white I was expecting I decided to run with it and use the new salmon colored dress with a purple dye to create my own dip dye, ombre look. 

The Before: Gray Knit 

During the bleaching process.


During the Dip-Dye 
To create the Ombre look with the dress I had to decide where I wanted the salmon-pink color to start turning purple, I decided on about 2/3 of the way up the dress. Then I put that 2/3 of the dress in the purple dye and throughout the hour and a half dying process I would slowly pull more of the dress out of the purple dye until just the bottom hem was in the dye. 

I also tried to be really careful in the rinsing stage of the process, I didn't want any of the purple dye to rinse out on part of the dress that wasn't supposed to be purple. 

The After: Pink to Purple Ombre

Stay tuned for more DIY Bleaching and Dying (as well as other general craft) adventures!