Friday, November 30, 2012

Shoes of the Week: Studded.

Studs have always had a kind of hard core, rock star connotation.
And typically, I would not describe myself or my style in a hard core, rock star kind of way.
But Studded accessories (like shoes and bags) are starting to grow on me. 
(Like Faux Fur, I know, who am I?)
Maybe it's because now a days studs aren't solely on black leather goods, but come with a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. 
They just seem like a fun way to spice up an outfit a little bit. 
So for this week's shoe(s) of the week I decided to pick my favorite studded pairs.
Flat ankle boots, heeled ankle boots, pumps, flats, even a black leather pair of boots!
Check 'em out!

ALDO- Boeken 


ALDO- Perusia

ALDO- Tallberg

ZARA- Studded Cowboy Ankle Boot

Sam Edelman- Jolie