Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winter Wardrobe: stripes. cords. & faux fur.

I've been really on the fence about this whole faux fur vest trend. 
I mean, to some extent fur/faux fur are always on trend in the cold winter months because they're super warm but recently faux fur has been popping up everywhere. 
I think I've finally jumped aboard the faux fur bandwagon with this look below, and the fact that I saw it in literally every store I went to on Black Friday, and the warmth factor. 
The vest below is a really easy transition into the faux fur world since it is only partially faux fur and is partially cable knit. So go ahead, try it out!

Inspiration via See Jane "Switzerland" 

How you can wear it: 

stripes. cords. & faux fur.
Fat Face scoop neck tee, $32 / Stripe shirt / Vest / J Brand / Lace up boots, $30 / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc jacob / Ben-Amun yellow gold jewelry