Friday, January 18, 2013

Shoe of the Week: Growing Up?

Do you know what a business casual work environment means for this young style blogger?
An excuse to buy new shoes of course!
After four years of college life, and 21 years of not grown-up life, making that grown up transition in my wardrobe is definitely a challenging process. I still want to dress in a young and stylish way but I also need to be taken seriously. So after wearing my bright pink loafers with my dress pants this week (whoops!) and after realizing that my bar-flats are not also business flats (whoops x2!) I decided it was time to invest in some chic, professional but still stylish and certainly not boring, brown flats.
Brown (and not awful) flats are kind of hard to come by, I discovered this week. So I resorted back to my online shopping ways and hit up Sole Society.
I found these beauties , the Martine and new I had a winner. Wearable with jeans, skirts and yes the dress pant. I just love the look of a pointy-toe flat with dress pants, when something works, it just works. You can check out these and other Sole Society Beauties here!

image via Sole Society
PS: If you want a snazzy discount, use the code in this link  before this weekend is over!