Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wedding: Black & Gold, an adjustment.

I have this theory that the internet, Pinterest and even blogs aren't always the greatest thing.
What's that you say? How could I say such a thing?
Just wait a minute, sometimes maybe all of these photos and videos and collages of marvelous gorgeous things can inspire us, and sometimes I think they can make us dissatisfied with what we have and what is within our means.  I came to this conclusion because of chair covers and color schemes. Yes, I just said chair covers. 
I had in my head this vision of ivory, cream, white and gold for my wedding, but everywhere you go the chairs are dark (and reasonably so). But really you can't have dark chairs with this vision in my head so everyone says rent chairs! chair covers! Except, with a wedding on a budget are chair covers really where you want your money to go? For me, the answer is probably no. So maybe I just needed a vision adjustment. 
So, here is my vision adjustment. And I'm actually really starting to love it love it. 
If we start with a black table cloth base then the chairs already in the/most spaces will blend. 
From there we could add creative and fun gold elements like place mats, name cards, candlesticks and even glitter or confetti. We can also mix in the white/ivory/cream florals and wha-la! we have a whole new concept. I'm even starting to think this fits more/better with the concept of jewel toned bridesmaids dresses and a winter/just after new years wedding.
What are your thoughts? Do you love or hate this black and gold concept? 
I think I'm loving it!