Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: finishing the bridal look pt. II

Happy Wednesday!
I almost hate to admit this but I am totally that bride that is super indecisive and changes her mind at the last minute about things. Now I'm not talking about anything huge (like the dress or venues) but I did recently decide to explore some other options with my bridal look, specifically my hair and veil. I still love the ideas from this post (bridal look pt. I) but when I actually went in for my wedding hair practice (is that what you call these things?) I just wasn't sure if it really worked on me. And last weekend when I was home for my final dress fitting and I put all my accessories together with my dress I became even more sure of my not-so-sure about this feeling. I still have pretty strong opinions about veils--I do not want a blusher or something that covers my face. But when I tried on the birdcage veil I had ordered with my dress it felt fussy and I realized that what I wanted was something both effortless and beautifully bridal. I did some searching on Etsy and fell in love with this Swiss-Dot veil. And the seller, Tessa Kim was amazing to work with! Super sweet and willing to do a rush order, hopefully my new veil should be here soon!

I just really love the idea of a Swiss-Dot veil.
Classic yet unexpected. 
I plan on placing the veil at the nape of my neck so that it flows gracefully behind me as I walk (or at least that's how I imagine it in my head...) Which brings me to the second big dilemma of this post, the hair. 
 As a fairly young bride I sort of have this irrational worry of looking too young, when I look back on pictures of my wedding I don't really want to think 'oh I look so 22 there,' but instead want to look timeless and elegant. With that in mind, I think I should try out an updo. I still have a tiny fear of the updo but I think doing a second wedding hair practice should put me at ease and help me be confident in my styling decision. I find myself really gravitating towards the modern french twist in an updo. I love the idea of keeping my part and adding some volume then having the classic twist in the back. I can't help but imagine it as a perfect addition to my teardrop earrings and polka-dotted veil. I love these two looks below:
a classic french twist with some volume. 
I recently started reading the blog Kaylee Daily and I love her! Kaylee's style is so fresh and bright and always inspires me to try new things. She just recently did a Christmas card shoot with her hubby and showed us their shoots from past years. I had no idea it was her but I've seen these images all over Pinterest! What really drew me in this time was her hair in this photo shoot. It's the classic french twist with some mod volume, the perfect sophisticated updo and not overdone. I love it. 
you can see more of her style from this shoot here.
What do you guys think? 
Am I crazy for wanting to switch my look less than a month before the big day?