Thursday, October 4, 2012

a Feminist Halloween.

So I hear that Halloween is coming up in a few short weeks and I'm mildly okay with it super excited about it, because it's senior year, and because I have a great idea for my costume! 
I've never really been one to do the stereotypical college-age Halloween costumes. My thought is that comfort is key if you are going to make it through the day/night/weekend/week. 
This year I'm planning on being Rosie the Riveter! of Feminist WWII fame. (can I get extra points for a cheap and creative and comfortable and feminist costume?)
Anyways, like I said, I'm super excited about it!

So I'm thinking I'll just wear a solid chambray button down shirt with skinny jeans and my red Keds (totes 40s-esque). I'm also strongly considering putting a 'Women for Obama' button on my collar like Rosie has in the image above. Oh! and last but not least a red polka dotted scarf for my hair. 

See? Even Alexis Bledel is down with this happenin' idea!

I am seriously thinking about making some kind of "We Can Do It" signage or possible a 'Rosie' nametag so that people get the idea a little more clearly. I think it's gonna be great! I will keep you updated on how it all goes.