Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY Inspiration: Word Edition.

Well, that's still true, I so still love this Alexa Chung look and really want to DIY it.
But it also appears that in the busy-ness of fall my DIY inspiration and projects have kind of started to stack up! Now that my schedule is a little more hectic than it was this summer, I think I might start scheduling in DIY times, for the sake of my own sanity....
Anywho, here are a few of my current, favorite DIY inspirations.
aaaaand this time I will actually keep you updated on the progress...
Consider this my original DIY inspiration
Also French phrase #1

In my future, grown-up self, graduated, not wearing sorority sweatshirts, kind of life, these are the things I will wear in my off time. Grown-up upgrade? 

Inspired by the one and only K Frit.
Consider me dedicated to the idea of making a "MEH" sweatshirt
French phrase #2
Ok y'all. If you've ever seen my Pinterest ever, you probably then know that I have wanted the J.Crew heart sweater from last season basically since I discovered it last year. I almost died of joy when it was at J. Crew factory this fall but still couldn't quite justify the purchase. Thus, I really want to DIY my own version of the J.Crew heart sweater, and here are a few how-to options: 

I have to admit, I'm leaning a little more towards this idea, and both Target and Old Navy have sweaters that would be about the right color.