Thursday, March 20, 2014

Curating Empowerment.

I was recently introduced to She Loves Magazine and this Curating Empowerment project through Sarah Bessey's blog, in her post she talks about how Pinterest can be a wonderful, marvelous place (everybody knows how much I LOVE pinterest), but that she's noticed how many people, women specifically have started to use it in a negative way, masking it as 'inspiration.' I totally agree with her, the line between pinning healthy inspirational, daydreaming photos and photos that reinforce negative body image or serious materialism is very small. In light of this, I really love She Loves idea of using pinterest to curate empowerment for women, instead of using pinterest to merely reinforce all the things that society tells her she cannot do, or should not do or cannot be. 

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I am curating a vision of empowerment.
I'm curating images of empowerment to work, to lead, to have courage, 
to be authentic, to be bold, fearless, strong.
I'm curating a holistic view of womanhood to remind me of the truth.
I'm curating a view of womanhood that reinforces personhood, strength, faith, beauty, diversity, growth, change, leadership, and wisdom. 

So I wanted to share some of my images of empowerment with you here on the blog. 
You can also follow along with me in this pinterest journey on my new 

Join in the movement, make your own empowerment board, on Pinterest or in real life!