Tuesday, March 18, 2014

DIY & Home Inspiration: Craft Room.

Another one of my hopes for the new CHC is to refocus from finding happiness in having things, into refinding the joy I get from creating things. Crafting may seem insignificant in the big scheme of the world but I think that the process of creating and then being able to take pride in what you made is something that is not only important but is also indeed significant. Someday (daydreaming here)  I would love to have a space in my home that is entirely dedicated to crafting and creating, a crafty home office of sorts. I love the craft room that Taylor from It's Taylor Made Blog created for herself in her family's home so I thought I would share it with you. And in the meantime, I suppose my rubbermaid drawers in the corner of our spare room will have to do. You can see more of Taylor's Craft Room and her process of making it here.

image via

I love the overall mix of clean white and color that she has going on in this room. It makes for such a clean yet fun space. And her idea storage shelf and bins in the back? Exactly what every crafter needs to store all their supplies without having to dig through piles of things. Not not mention that dream of a crafting table, front and center. ah le sigh.