Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Words.

Hello! Sorry for the radio silence earlier this week, things have been busy and I was sick on the couch all weekend. Oh well, on to recovery! Today's Wednesday Words were inspired by (and borrowed from) this post from Jen Hatmaker, then the further I read in her post the more I realized how truly applicable they are to where I'm at in my life right now. Sometimes you just need a reminder to not settle. If there is something out there that's been popping up in the back of your mind for months or years or weeks, then go do it! Or take the steps necessary to make it possible. You owe it to yourself, your loved ones and your community to at least give that nagging idea consideration. For me this is about my career, I know that working mindlessly at a desk job for the rest of my life will NOT make me happy. I know the things that I am passionate about and what I could do with my skills and my passions. Now I just need to keep my fear in check and explore my options and the opportunities around me. 

In her post, Jen says this about how fear can play a factor in our lives:
What are you good at? Not sure? What do people constantly say you are good at? Others can usually identify our gifts long before we are willing to concede. Maybe it is career material. I’ve long said that someone will pay you to do what you love. You might be stuck in a job you hate doing work you don’t care about while your gifts are languishing on the sidelines, awaiting your courage to put them in the game.

What is that nagging thing in your life? Is it your career? where you live? friendships or relationships? what you do with your spare time or on the weekends? It's so easy to take an image and a message like this and repin it under our "favorite quotes" or "inspiration" pinboards (I'm speaking both literally and figuratively here), it is much more difficult to actually take some time to consider how the message of passion and truly living can be applied to our own very real lives. 

Jen states this later on:
Maybe you need to invest in your gifts. Take a class. Go to a conference. Sign up for a seminar. Start that small business. Put that website up. Build in some space. Say yes to that thing. Work with a mentor. Stop minimizing what you are good at and throw yourself into it instead with no apologies. Do you know who is going to do this for you? NO ONE. You are it. Don’t bury that talent, because at the end of the day, the only thing your fear netted you was one buried talent in a shallow grave. 

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I'll send you off today with one last takeaway from Jen's post on this hard-to-apply-to-your-real-life subject:
The timing is never right. Forget that. It won't just fall into your lap. That’s fake. You are probably not guaranteed success. Sorry. This might be a crapshoot. It will be hard and require sacrifices not just from you but maybe from your people and you might step out on shaky, shaky legs. But off you go because we were not created to stand still, even though that is safe and familiar and you are practically guaranteed never to fall or stumble or grow weary.

So now, Go! Do what you are passionate about, or take the necessary steps to get where you need to be with your goals. Have conversations with your loved ones and people who know you well, consider that nagging thought seriously and live up to the talents you were given.